Friday, March 11, 2011

I think I'll Start Now...

Is this actually the beginning?

   I was kind of hoping that my very first blog post would be much better. I was hoping that I could introduce you, whoever you are, properly to my little world. I had so many ideas, so many plans on how I would accomplish that. But unfortunately I only find myself coming up with excuses as to why my blog has been public for over a week, and I still haven’t posted anything of great importance.
    I am not going to sound like so many others; I will not say I don’t know why I haven’t posted anything, because the truth is I know exactly why I’ve been procrastinating. How about I start this blog with a big dose of honesty, eh? Guess what… I’m scared. I’m a little afraid that what I write will not be anything you’d be interested in. It’s a little silly, but it is very true.
    Why did I begin this blog anyways? I’ll fill you in on that one a little later. Basically, I am graduating this year, at the wonderfully confusing age of 16. For my senior project I am writing a novel. And want to know the best part? It’s already mid-way through March. How far have I come on my writing journey? Not very far. That’s all I will spill at the moment.
    I know this is all silly. Me, sitting here, wrapped in a soft baby-blue blanket, listening to Pandora, and typing away my silly little fears to a blog that no one is going to read tonight. But, you know what? I am a writer. I have settled that down deep in my heart. There is no escaping the fact that I long to write, and I will never be content until the stories rambling on inside of this little head leak out of my fingertips. Whether it be onto a keyboard, or onto some traditional lined notebook paper, I really don’t care. And since I have determined that I, Taylor, am a writer, I have also decided that what I have yet to do is to write something to share. I’ve always written, ever since I was a young girl, but I’ve always withheld it from the rest of the world. So, this is where I will begin. Yes, I promise to share. I’ll be nice.
    So please, why not stay a while? How about checking back soon to see if this random, young writer has slipped anymore words out into the world? I would truly enjoy for you to return. I am being so very honest when I tell you that I appreciate every single person who takes the time to take part in what I am sharing. One thing I’ve realized since I stepped into the amazing, scary world of writing is that it takes a lot of courage. It takes some guts to share a part of you with someone and receive criticism and advice. It takes some major audacity to be vulnerable, and exposed before those who may judge you. But, I’m actually looking forward to this. I’m excited, a little nervous I must admit, to see what you think of me and the things I share. But guess what?
     I am going to stand up to you all, and show you this is what I am, and what I’ve written. You do with it as you please, because I’m ready and I’m willing.