Thursday, January 30, 2014


Thinking can be a beautiful thing. When I sit alone in my car, sometimes my mind takes me to the most fantastic places. It just seems to go deeper and deeper until somehow I just lose myself. I get lost inside myself.

It can be so beautiful, but so horrible sometimes.

As an artist, I can get frustrated because my mind explodes into so many incredible ideas; things to paint, scenes to describe with a pen, and places to bring into life. Yet, I know that my thoughts will never be fully conveyed the way I wish I could express them. I can't ever get another person to see EXACTLY what I see.

I envy movie directors. It seems like a dream to have the kind of resources to bring your own ideas into such a tangible reality.

But isn't that a strange thing? The things I see deep inside... the things I see without my eyes... you'll never really see that. I can do my absolute best to try and bring it to life for you to touch and smell and listen to. But it will only ever be a skewed copy of the original. The splendor of the raw imagination is only something we can have to ourselves.

I hate it sometimes. But then again, I love it. You. Me. The person sitting quietly across the room. We have these breath-taking worlds pulsating within each of our imaginations, yet we are bound by reality to keep them within us. You can leak out bits and pieces and snippets of your dreams, but never the entirety. It's magical, but it's a quandary filled to the brim with woes.

I think we should do our best to share dreams with one another. Although I will never fully know and see what you imagine, there's something so wonderful about getting a taste. It's as though the fullness is too much to handle, so we only get  a drop. Yet that little drop resting on our tongues is the best thing we've ever had.

Share your dreams with one another. Explore your mind, expand your mental reach, and then take someone by the hand and welcome them to taste just a drop. Our own dreams can be amazing... but what would happen if we all began to feed on one another's dreams more? Just one little bit of your dreams can cause a stirring inside someone else to dream even further. To think even deeper. To ponder just a little bit longer.

Don't ever stop exploring your own mind. We need dreamers. In a world so filled with darkness, we could use a few more drops of light here and there.