Friday, July 25, 2014

People are loud

People are loud.

They want to be heard. They want to stand apart for the sole purpose of being seen. They want you to know that they see the world a certain way. And everyone thinks that their own loud opinion is the right one.

 The reason I say this, is because there are some very huge issues going on in our world that everyone seems to have an opinion on. We could talk for days on controversial issues like gay marriage, immigration or the war in Gaza. On one hand I believe that we should be educated and informed and we should always be grasping onto truth and lining up our worldview with the Word of God.

 But can we please just take a moment to breathe?

I hear things and see people screaming their opinion so loud that they have absolutely no room for the people they are screaming to. So many people are fueled by anger instead of the things that God instructs us to be fueled by. Yes, I have my opinions about what is going on in our country, but I hope I never make my opinion more important than the soul I am talking to. I will speak truth, but I will strive to speak it in love. I may not agree that two men should be sleeping together, but that doesn't mean that those two men are any less of a human than you or I. I don't believe that thousands of children should be flooding our borders in Texas, but if there are children who are starving and in danger of being sold as a sex slave, then I sure as heck will do anything I can to take care of them. 

I've been friends with straight people, with lesbians, with white and Asian people, with conservatives and with liberals. I will give my opinion, and I'm not afraid to express what I believe. But that person standing in front of me is a human being. The people that we disagree with still have souls. And without love, your opinion really means nothing at the end of the day. At the end, I believe truth will stand. But at the end of your life, were you just a loud voice among all the other loud voices, or did you leave an impression on the hearts of people by sharing the truth in love? Do you care more about being right than you do about the lives and the stories and the struggles that each and every one of us face?

I don't think a lot of good comes out of everyone trying to be more right then the next person. I don't think that this loud, giant, rumbling, chaotic mess is very productive. I'm not against getting the truth out there. I work at a tv station that produces news every single day for goodness' sake. But lately I've just noticed so many harsh statements being thrown at one another. You can spread news and spread truth, but let's check our motives. Let's check the tone in our voice. We can be passionate individuals who can passionately spread the truth while passionately loving others. 

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