Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tip - toe


   The soft grumble escaping my abdomen interrupts my concentration. The words I attempt to read refuse to allow me to focus on them.

Food is much more appetizing than homework.
                And then I remember..  there's two pieces of pizza left in the refrigerator.

     I quietly close my book and leave my bed, kitchen-bound. I don't bother to turn off my lamp; i'm lazy, and maybe just a bit afraid of the dark.

   I tip-toe down the hall until my hand feels the anticipated comfort of the light switch. I click on the living room light and a small sense of relief and safety come over me.

             I continue to venture on toward the kitchen, careful not to make a sound.

   My naked feet make sticking noises with each step across the tile. I finally reach the fridge, place both hands on the white, plastic handle and gently pull open the doors.
  The release of rubber seals disturbs such a stretch of silence.

                        I stare into the coolness.

   Oh! The beautiful cardboard box beckons me.

        I slide it out from the top of the egg carton and set it on the counter. The fridge closes its heavy doors all on its own, and the smack reminds me of my goal of silence. Oops.

I return to by box, open it with careful gestures, and retrieve my new, prized possession.

          What in the world are these?

Evil, little green shapes seem to stick out their nasty tongues at me.

With a sigh, I scoot over to the trash bin and meticulously pick off the contaminants. With every bit of pepper I remove, a plopping sound from within the garbage gives me some small sense of satisfaction.

    Now that I can thoroughly enjoy this pizza, I stick it in my mouth and make my way back to my bedroom.

Softly, quietly, and extremely content, I flip the switch and the living room light is extinguished. The dim glow of my lamp guides me down the hall.
             I gently close my door, tip-toe to my bed and enjoy the last few bites.

        It's times like these when I feel like a genuine college student.

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