Monday, May 7, 2012

Satisfy Me


We use this word so loosely sometimes. We finish a big steak and we say, "Im quite satisfied!" We sit amongst friends and chat and giggle and drink sweet tea and think to ourselves, "I'm so satisfied right now!" We spend time with family during the holidays and unwrap little treasures and sit in a cozy heap by a smouldering fireplace; all the while telling ourselves how satisfied we are. We lay within the warmth of the arms of a lover, smiling and knowing... or so we think... that we are satisfied.

Yet, how we continue to pursue after satisfaction. A few bites of steak is not enough; we want the whole thing. We spend a few minutes with a friend, but we want to linger longer. The handful of gifts we've received, oh, how we silently wish we would have gotten that one special thing we had asked for. The warmth of their arms is not nearly enough to satisfy this longing within our hearts, no matter how we may try to convince ourselves.

We search and we dig. We run throughout the crevices of this world, longing for something to satisfy the craving beating deep within. This unknown desire. This drumming in our ears that never seems to go away regardless of the noise we fill our lives with. The bleeding that never stops, despite the many layers of bandaging we've covered ourselves with.

We say to ourselves, "Oh, how satisfied I am." But all the while we are yearning, longing, thirsting for more.

So much more.

       My heart beats with the mention of Your name.

 My soul stirs to the sound of Your voice. With every passing day I feel Your extraordinary love run through my veins. My purpose, my hope, my desires and dreams- a living pool in the palm of your hand. You love me..... Completely.

Every dark corner and each broken piece... Your light saturates my spirit and heals my wounds. I am so captivated, so intrigued by everything that you are! The more I search, the more I find. The more I dig, deeper and deeper, I find more in you. There is no end to Your love. Im drowning in Your presence, I'm sinking further into You.

Oh God, my savior, my Father. How I love you! How I adore all You are.

My Jesus, the lover of my soul.

You satisfy me.


  1. Your words are most sincere and honest. I love it. You worded it beautifully and they are most encouraging. Definitely something we all experience and can relate to. Thank You!

    1. Thank you so very much! I am so thankful for your comment; you have encouraged me to blog more (: Im so happy to hear that you enjoyed my post and I hope you continue to stop by my blog!