Saturday, July 7, 2012



It's been a while, hasn't it? There always seems to be such a great length of time between my blog posts. Sometimes months will pass before I write anything to share with the world. The small world of my blog, that is.

It's quite funny to me though. I really do write, I promise you this. I write constantly, day in and day out. Almost to the point of writing too much. But then again, it's never enough.

Perhaps it takes a night like this to force my tired body to the computer? I thought to myself, about three hours ago... "I'm going to go to bed early tonight, I could use the rest." 


The once in a blue moon i decide to go to bed early, I can't seem to sleep. No, my friends, of course not. Instead, a raging storm of deep thoughts blow about my little mind!

It's been driving me insane the last few hours. Yes, my soft, pastel blankets are mighty cozy and the temperature simply perfect for a good night of sweet dreams. But there is this strange irritation building within. It's as though the center of my brain is all itchy. Like I got some stupid rash from a bush. And guess what... i'm all  out of itching powder!! - or cream?

But seriously. I can't pin it. I can't identify what it is that is bothering my mind so severely. I wrestled with the idea of posting a blog for a bit now.

"Hmm, maybe writing will clear my mind - kind of like taking out the garbage."

"No, Taylor, you need sleep. You have to wake up early."

But guess who's here now? With her blankets wrapped about her shoulders and an obnoxious ceiling fan blaring it's yellow, breezy light upon her face.... Traces of some sort of healthy-garlic-cracker on her breath from the lousy attempt of a midnight snack.

Maybe i'll sleep this one off....

Well. I tried. I posted a blog.

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