Friday, July 20, 2012

So. Happy.

Hey you guys!

I know. I know.... I KNOW.
No blog post in yada yada however long. unacceptable. 
So, this is a quick check in! You know, the kind of thing that parents like. The whole "Hey, Im here, im going here now, and I'll be home at this time." kind of thing. 

So, my life right now is amazing. Seriously life is SO GOOD. And I keep thinking to myself of how much I've had to write about lately. You know, I think I get really caught up in expecting everything I write to be some sort of deep, outstanding masterpiece. Well, as I have been reading through millions of blogs lately, I've realized that I thoroughly enjoy the kinds of blogs that are real. Real people, with real lives, with true quirkiness. 

I love quirky people, I really do.

So guess what, I'm expanding myself. Im going to continue writing those deep, heartfelt stories and such. But I'm also going to start sharing my life. Because i think if I can be happy and enjoy all that I have and love where I'm at, then I sure want to share that with you. If I can share some of the happiness with you, then by golly  gosh I'm going to share!

Forgive me, again... I really ought to post more. And I will

Anyways. Im going to challenge you, dearest reader of mine, to look at your life and find everything that's going good. Even people with really crappy lives have at least ONE good thing going for them. Lately, as I've been pondering my life, I can see that the more I focus on the positive things around me, the more my entire outlook is affected in a positive way. And the more I continue to just step back and thank God for all He has done for me, the more I have to thank Him for. 

God loves us so much. Gosh! He loves us so much! 

Well. My friends. Nice chatting with you. I hope you all just take a few minutes.. (seriously, you can take a few minutes out of your day..) to ponder all the good things going on in your life. What can you thank God for today? Start setting your mind on the good things, because honestly this world is too full of negative poop. 

Tay (: 

Oh yea. Well, I went to a baby shower and saw a sock monkey. I told my friend that i have ALWAYS wanted one of those little guys. You know, so I have something to pass down to my little kiddos someday in future. Guess who found one at a yard sale the other day? Yea, me. God just loves me. A lot.

Her name is Nita. We decided to go on a road trip together. (:

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