Saturday, January 12, 2013

A Stranger's Story - Day 6

You...are so jolly.

There is so much to Soak in, so many things to look at in a place like this. Rows of booths all filled to the brim with products, brochures and frilly looking chocolates. Table after table full of information for each and every bride to be. Eager salesmen and women standing ready to answer your questions - all with the hope of landing some clients.

"You there. Yea, you look like you could use a nice honeymoon trip?"

"No. I'm not getting married."

"Hey there, have you set a date yet?!"

"Uh, no, I'm not getting married"

"Oh, honey, have you found your dress for the special day? I have the perfect one for you!"

"Oh, no thank you. I'm not getting married...."

Oh, what a terrible place for a young, unengaged blonde to be. I honestly just enjoyed looking at all the pretty stuff I seemed to be swimming in. And day-dreaming of course. Lots and lots of day-dreaming.

Goodness, if I've learned one thing from this eventful day: weddings are WAY too much work.

As I'm wandering around without any marital intentions, I hear something.

Something happy.

It's you. And your loud, joyful voice.

To be entirely honest, you remind me of a skinny Santa Claus. But not the creepy kind... Just happy.

You own a video business used for weddings. "Capturing the most special moments of your life."

You had a few screens set up on a table. I was under the impression that they were merely running a slide show. But ohhhh no, you quickly informed me that it was a video...with sound.

Apparently the event didn't allow for individual booths to have their own "sound-making devices". So you, mr. Smarty Pants, had the grand idea to have head phones available.

So I pondered to myself if I would actually take the time to listen to your "capturing-special-moments-video".

And then you did it. You offered me a dollar.

"In fact, I'll give you a dollar to watch my video. Here! Here, take a dollar. And go put on those head phones. And lookey here! The red flower makes it louder and the blue flower makes it quieter. That way YOU can determine the volume all yourself!"


So I watched your video. The whole thing. From beginning to end. I even read all the words you threw on the screen.

When all was said and done, after the headphones were off and the smiles exchanged and each and every goodbye received... I walked away very happy.

Although at first glance you seem like just another jolly old man, I can tell that you have a very deep soul. You see beauty. You see something so special in a wedding day. You seem to appreciate love and dear moments. And I could see that you do your best to capture those moments for people to hold on to forever.

You were my favorite person out of the entire show.

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