Saturday, July 23, 2011


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Okay, so here's the deal. I have just taken a dose. A dose of what you may ask? Pepto Bismol? Green smoothie? Punishment?


I have a friend. A very wonderful friend I must say. In fact, I love her like a sister! And tonight she gave me a wonderful dose of criticism. And I do mean wonderful. I promise you there is no sarcasm in my voice. Normally I hear people around me getting quite offended when someone picks apart a piece of their creative side. Most people react with "Hey! That's mine, and that didn't feel very good, so back off, would ya?"

I actually enjoy it when someone takes the time to not only read something i have written, but when they spend their energy and thoughts on how I could possibly make something better. And my friends, I got a great dose of that tonight.

Here's the funny thing. She stated an opinion of my previous blog titled "Finally". She said I sounded emo. Emo?! No, in case you don't know me very well, I'm very much NOT emo. At all. Like, seriously. She didn't really enjoy such a sad-hopeless feeling from that story. And as a writer, I am quite concerned of what my readers feel about the things they read. I care about them. I care about you!

So, now I am challenging myself. Yep. You got it right. I am challenging myself to write something....less...emo? Sure.

Here we go!

Photo of the day #5

Photo: Veiled woman in doorway

    We've traveled all day. The dust clings to me like skin, coating my body and shaping itself into every crevice. Shane said we would never make it this far, but I knew I could prove him wrong. We set out three weeks ago, with just a few supplies, but a big dream ahead of us. So many people have told us we were wrong, that there was no time. So many believed with all their heart that we would fail.

Yet, here we are.

    "Jess, are you sure this is where it is?"

    "I'm sure. She's here."

    The setting sun casts down its last rays of warmth onto the gravel crunching softly beneath our feet. The air is cool as the evening approaches. The way the sun is descending over the hills paints a living replica of the very first night. When we began, Tim and I, we marked each day - every setting sun just as now- with part of a song. We knew it would be a while till we arrived, so every night before we fell asleep, we would sing a new line of a song. He would grab his uk and i would sit next to him by the fire, and together we would make something up. These were the moments when it didn't matter how much further we had. We didn't care what dangers lie ahead, what struggles we might face. We have each other, and we knew we would make it in the end.

    "How much further till we see the doors?"

    I know exactly what he is thinking. "A few miles, not much further."

  He stops.

    "I think I know what you're doing..."

     "You know me too well" he says with a playful smile as he sets down his pack and grabs his ukulele. "Come sit, would ya?"

    Together we sing our song, our voices meshing and dancing together. The sun is almost down, and the moon is beginning to shine her face down on us as we sing. The shadows of the dessert arise around us, joining in our tune. A few bystanders smile at us as they listen.

The streets are flowing with little foot traffic, but there we are in the middle without a care.

    Tonight we are going to find her. Tonight will be the end of our search, but the beginning of The Switch. Tonight, we are going to prove to them all that we could accomplish this quest, we could find the One. We will find her. I know we will.

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