Monday, July 18, 2011


Soooo, I just posted something not very long ago. Between now and then, I've been completely spellbound by these pictures on National Geographic! They are inspiring me! So, I had this cute little idea. My friend Ali did an outstanding job of sticking to writing a post once a day, every day for a week. And not only did she stick to her word and do it - unlike some people *cough, cough* me- her posts were just wonderful!

Basically, I am going to attempt to post once a day for a week. But I am attempting a pattern. What is that you may ask? Well. I have seriously had my breath taken away today from such amazing pictures, and I have decided to post one picture a day along with something I've written to go along with what that picture is. Yea, yea, I may sound cheesy when I write random poems to a picture, but whatever. I am going to do it. Hate it. Love it. Forget all about it. I dont care, I'm going to try to stick to something new this week! (:

Here's the first! Don't be shy, feedback is always grand (:

  Sway, lover sway
Ebbing with the wind
Bending, gently
Freely giving in
Sweet blood red
Show yourself, fearless
Light rests along
Illuminated edges
Softness, hushed
Breathing serenity
Bathed in green
Surrounded in beauty
Sway, lover sway
Let yourself be free
Planted, yet you fly
So beautiful to me
Photo: A red poppy in a wheat field

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