Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Hiding Place

   Sometimes I get a little overwhelmed. Sometimes there is a reason, and then there are times when there is none. Tonight, as I drink my almond milk, and listen to Regina Spektor, I just felt... overwhelmed. So, what do I do? Write.

I know I need to get used to sharing, so I thought "what the who, why not." So, without further ado, here is my rambling mind at work on a overwhelming Tuesday night.

                                                                     Hiding Place

She walks in the same way as he always had. 
His voice whispers in each step, her body echoing his name. 
She moves to his rhythm, the steady pattern of his ways. 
His heart beat is her balance, her timing is his mind. 
The gentle of her thoughts, are the coolness of his touch. 
The life she leads is laced with his, his love lives within her.
 Her strength is drawn from where he hides, for who she is, he lives inside. 

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