Thursday, July 21, 2011


And finally my friends, is the current post. I have officially caught up, yay!

Let's all dance and cheer for me! No, please don't do that. But I would like for you to enjoy the photo of the day and my little written accompaniment (:

Photo of the day #4

Photo: Factory workers in a snowstorm



Listen to me! Please, someone listen to me!

Why can’t they hear me? I know the wind is beginning to kick up again, but someone should be able to hear me.


This doesn’t make any sense. I’ve been here before, I’m sure of that. I’ve seen these people, I’ve seen this exact group of people. That man to the right, he is going to pull out a lighter, but it won’t work. He’ll curse and ask that guy over there to use his lighter instead. That group of kids nearest the trees is going to run into some guy with an umbrella. Yea, a man with a red umbrella.


I don’t understand this. I’ve been here. I know what’s going to happen. And no one seems to know I’m here.


Desmus. Desmus! Please listen to me, I need your help! Why can’t he see me, why can’t he hear me?


No, God, no. Please, this can’t be happening! This is the day… that he, or we…

This was today?

The wind. The lighter. The Car.

Is that… no it can’t be… that’s me.  I move through the crowd, auburn hair blowing ferociously with the snow and wind. I go to him. He holds out his hand, I take a firm grasp as we try to make our way over the snow mounds. I can see myself over there, yet his smell lingers in my senses. I can still feel his hand wrapped firmly against mine. His brown, plaid scarf fluttering near my face.


The car. The unexplainable screech. The screams of children, the shouts of men.

His arms wrapping around me, his body as a shield. The deafening roar of explosion.



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