Monday, July 18, 2011


I haven't written much lately on my blog. So I thought I'd share something with you (:

This evening could only be summed up into one word - lovely. I've been sitting in my garage with the door open to the magic outside. The sun was softly shining through the trees, dancing along the rain. The smell of fresh rain and wet pavement filled me with something beautiful. The sound of the rain went hand in hand with the gentle music playing on my Bon Iver Pandora radio station. And to top off such a wonderful scene, I've been consumed in some gorgeous pictures from National Geographic. This one right here is what I wanted to share. I may be only 16 years of age, but I know I want to be married someday. And this is where he will take me (:

Wishing you all a lovely night - or day if you are dwelling on the other side of planet earth

Photo: Sunlit hills and sand dunes in Ireland

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