Thursday, July 21, 2011


Ah! I suck! This is NOT today's post. This is NOT yesterdays post. This is for Tuesday!

I said I would try to post something for every day of the week. I never said I would actually post it on the correct days, right? Gah, I'm full of guilt! Shame is eating away at my liver. So without further ado, here is the post for Tuesday.

Photo: Arctic sunset, Ivvavik National Park

      I moved towards the edge of the peak, and I was finally here. On any other day I might have taken a moment to soak in such a scene. It’s more like me to stand in awe of something so beautiful, to touch each blade of grass, every ray of light with my mind. Normally, this would be something I could appreciate. Not today. Never again.
      This is where it began. This is the exact place, right where I stand, where he took everything away from us. Everyone had gathered around him as though he was a savior, a god. They listened to each word spilling out of his mouth as though it were a golden mist. I only remember his words as the sound of poison. They looked into his face so intently, truly believing that this one man could save us all from our own fate. As though a mere human being could stop what we had brought upon ourselves.
      He lied. He led us all to this very place to become something for his own benefit. Like a herd of cattle, we followed him into not a place of beauty and restoration, but into a valley where human life has no meaning.
     I stand here, not to admire such a view, but to regain whatever is left of the human race. 

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